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National Day Of Prayer

View this Slideshow of the National Day Of Prayer 2012 Program featuring Fr. Drew's prayer as well as all of the speakers for this event.


Prayer for Repentance for the Nation

Written and delivered by Fr. Drew Wood at the
May 3, 2012

Dear Heavenly Father,
We are the people of America, drawn over time from every corner of the earth.  From your fullness, we have received, grace upon grace.  We love our country dearly and thank you and praise you for blessing us with hope and joy and gladness.  We want to please and glorify you, but acknowledge that we are not always pleasing to you as we glorify ourselves.
In the Book of Isaiah, you remind us that your thoughts are not our thoughts and your ways are not our ways.  Help us to seek your ways and desire your thoughts with all our hearts.  Help us to seek, know and desire you and everything about you, Jesus, like the deer for running streams.
Give us…
                Wisdom & understanding… instead of a superficial heart;
                The ability to wait for what is real… instead of rushing to grab illusions;
                Reverence for the mystery of life… instead of the need to control it;
                Humility before you… instead of a desire to be our own gods;
                Moderation… instead of drunkenness and drugs;
                Chastity & abstinence outside of marriage… instead of pornography & promiscuity.
                Courage… not conformity; 
                Faith… not cynicism;
                Charity… not self-obsession;
                Peace… instead of the civil war within;
                Joy… instead of thrills;
                Discernment… instead of impulsiveness;
                Simplicity of life… instead of greed;
                Compassion… instead of self-righteousness;
                Faithfulness… instead of fickleness;
                Determination to seek the Truth… instead of it’s all the same/whatever works for you;
                Deep reverence for the mystery of human life, from the moment of conception
                      to natural death; and
                Gentleness & patience with our children.
O Risen & Resplendent Lord, you were lifted up on the Cross, in Resurrection and Ascension to the Father.  Lift us up with you, give us the freedom of the Holy Spirit, and help us be dead to sin, but alive for God in Christ Jesus. 

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