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“In You All Find Their Home”
What does the Habitat Ministry Do?
It is really simple.  We build a simple, safe home for a family in need. To date St. Laurence’s parish family has built 9 homes by funding, offering prayers and providing over 28,000 volunteer hours.
What Can I do?  I may not have skills or cannot be there for the entire build?
It is really easy.  We need volunteers for all kinds of things.  Consider donating food and drink, being there at the site occasionally to help serve the workers drinks and lunch, and/or helping with registration at the work site.  But we also need builders.  Skills are NOT necessary just a willing heart and a willingness to get a little tired.  We have supervisors and work in teams so we get the tasks done in a quality way with great people doing Jesus’ work and having fun.  Just ask one of our volunteers who have worked in the past- they can share their experience.
What is involved as my commitment?
It is even easier.  We work on Saturdays starting in late February for 11 weeks.  We work in two shifts starting at 8 AM and stopping by 4 PM each Saturday.  By giving us your email we will send you a schedule each 2-3 weeks out starting next year.  You can choose to sign up for any weekend, any shift or shifts based on your availability.  We also tell you what work we will be doing that weekend; such as framing, siding, installing windows, painting or landscaping.
Who Can Participate?
It is an active work site so our rules require you must be at least 16 years of age.
When, Where, and Who?
The upcoming build will start in late February on a Saturday where we will frame the house.  We will be building in Richmond, Texas.  Our family which will work alongside us because they must work 300 hours as their equity has not been named yet.  There are many families applying to Habitat for the opportunity to buy a home.  Yes they buy these homes with 300 hours down and a 0% mortgage for 30 years.  Our financial sponsorship goes into the program and the buyer’s mortgage payments help others as proceeds for a subsequent build.
What is needed from me?
The easiest of all.   Your prayers and your willingness to help is next and finally if you can a financial donation.  We need to raise $ 55,000 this fall to sponsor a home.
If you would like to be added to our Volunteer list; send an e-mail to stlaurencehabitat@yahoo.com with the Subject:  New Volunteer Sign-up Request

Liability Waiver

A waiver is required for all workers. The waiver must be signed by a parent for volunteers that are 16 or 17 years of age (except for Landscaping, the minimum age for workers is 16). The waiver can be downloaded from the www.Fortbendhabitat.org site. There will also be copies available at the worksite.

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