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Welcome to St. Laurence Weekday Children's Program. Our mission states that we believe each child is a unique creation of God. A few years ago at a professional development workshop I attended, the speaker quoted Pablo Casal as saying, "Each child should know that they are a marvel! Never in all history of man has there been another human being exactly like you." Can we even imagine the greatness of God who can come up with endless possibilities?

Now that your child is attending the Weekday Children's Program, I want to suggest to you to remember the uniqueness of your child. Simply: Be content with the child you have! This can make a world of difference in your youngster's happiness and success in life.

Although this seems so simple to say, like so many of the things that go into good parenting this one is a thousand times easier to say than it is to do. Don't go window-shopping. Don't go looking around comparing, and wishing your child were like someone else's. One child potty trained at 20 months. I wish my child would do that. One child is speaking in complete sentences at 18 months. I wish my child could do that. One child is so friendly and talkative. I wish my child could be like that. A certain amount of comparison is almost inevitable and within limits it can be to the good. It would be a shame if we didn't have high hopes for our children. This is what parents are for and exactly what we are supposed to do.

Often mothers and fathers have a general picture of the "perfect child" in their minds. This may well include some strong notions of how a boy should act or how a girl should act. There are qualities in all of us that no one can change. The child cannot change them no matter how hard he or she may try. We cannot change them, no matter how doggedly, persistent we plug away. Some of these qualities are inherited. We are born with them and they stay forever. Some of the qualities come from the age and stage of maturity we are in. These stay with us as long as we are that age and stage. Together these unchangeable- inherence and stage of growth-in large part make us the particular individuals we are.

When important people in a child's life try to tamper with the unchangeable, only the child's feelings are changed. Inwardly or openly the child may feel angry with us or with himself or they may feel they can never live up to our expectations. People need to believe in themselves in order to succeed in this world. They have to have faith in themselves and self-confidence.

Be content with the very special individual you have- no wishing, no window shopping- this doesn't mean to be content with whatever your child does. Nor does it mean that you accept any behavior that comes along. The trick is to know where to draw the line. Stay away from the unchangeable, work on the changeable. Making that distinction is one of the hardest tasks parents have to tackle.

Here is a tip. Whenever you find yourself working too hard, nagging too much, angry and displeased too often- Stop, and think. You may be trying to change the unchangeable. You may be wishing you had a different child.

Enjoy the child you have. They are a Marvel! Make sure your child knows: I am loved just because I am Me.

Becky Wilkinson
SLWCP Director

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