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RCIA and Marital Status

The Impact of Marital Status on the RCIA Process

It is not the intention of the Church to cause worry or burden, but to ensure the road to full initiation is clear of any impediments.  If impediments are present, we are here to assist the individual/couple in whatever process is required, and to pray with them throughout. We will go over your current marital status in the following ways:

1. Marital Status

An individual or couple seeking to enter the Catholic Church will have their current marriage evaluated.  For those who are currently married, will inquire into the marital history of both partners, and into the current marriage at the time the vows were made.

2. Divorce

Individuals or couples who have one or more prior unsuccessful marriages between them, and are currently re-married will have any past/current marriages reviewed to determine if an annulment or convalidation is required prior to the person(s) advancing to the Rite of Election or Easter Vigil.  This overview will occur at the initial interview.

If a formal petition is required on any prior unsuccessful marriage (either partner), the person will need to complete the required petition and receive a formal decree of nullity on the unsuccessful marriage(s) PRIOR to any reception of the sacraments of the Church.  This could take a year (minimum) or more.

3. Engaged

All individuals seeking to marry in the Catholic Church, and in which one or both partners are seeking to become Catholic will have any prior marriages reviewed (of both partners).  An engaged person that needs an annulment on a former unsuccesful marriage may not advance, nor their partner, to the Rite of Election or Easter Vigil unless a formal decree of nullity is granted by the Catholic Church.

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