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What Is Ladies Guild

So what is Ladies Guild?  That’s a hard one to answer because it is as diverse as each woman that walks through that parish hall door!  For me, it was finding a “home” in the parish that I had been attending since its inception in 1985.  A place where I fit.
I first came to Ladies Guild in March of 1994 at the urging of my neighbor.  She said it would be “easy” as they were hosting a style show.  It wouldn’t require me to be social, which was a major plus for me!  What most people don’t know about me is that I am painfully shy and suffer from anxiety.  Getting me to go someplace new was a task!  Well, I went and quite honestly, I have never been the same since!
That first meeting, I saw a face I knew from my time singing in the choir, Michelle McGinnis.  She urged me to help out by serving on the board the next year.  It would be a great way to connect with the women in the group, she said.  I decided that Historian was the job for me.  I didn’t tell anyone in advance that I was a terrible photographerJ !!!!
Six months into my term as Historian, the husband of the President-Elect was transferred out of town by his job.  All of a sudden the President-Elect position was available and everyone on the board turned to me, the new girl to serve the remainder of her term!  Why?  I didn’t know any better!  I agreed, feeling that God was guiding me this direction.  Little did I know that 20 years later I would still be hanging around! 
In May 1995, I became Ladies Guild President, for the first time.  Things really did change for me.  I was still shy and I still was filled with anxiety, but with the help of God and some wonderful guild members, I pushed through all of it and came out the other side a more confident woman.
In the last 20 years, I have served in just about every capacity.  I’ve been on the board multiple times, including a second stint as President.  I’ve served on committees.  Each time, I was blessed to meet so many wonderful women.  Great women that I am thankful to call friends.  Women I probably never would have met without my time in Ladies Guild.  The vast majority of my closest friends in life have been grown out of my time with Ladies Guild. 
Over the years, Ladies Guild has transformed but one thing remained a constant, our service to our ever-growing St. Laurence parish family!  Ladies Guild is the driving force behind the Funeral Receptions & Meals That Heal ministries.  We work hand in hand with the Social Concerns Ministry to assist with their programming.  If there is service involved, you’ll certainly see a face from Ladies Guild there!  Our motto “Here to serve, not to be served” is evident in all we do.
So, that is what Ladies Guild is to me.  I hope you’ll join us and begin or continue your Ladies Guild journey!
God Bless!
Michelle (Miche’) Broussard
Ladies Guild Board Member

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