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Dinner Group

Dinner Group

The concept behind the Dinner Group is couples (including coupled singles) gathering once a month on the week-end for a pot-luck dinner and fellowship in a casual home setting. New members are welcome! If you are interested contact Sharon & John Harry at 281.980.8090 or sharonharry@comcast.net.

Dinner Group guidelines:

  1. Each couple will host twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  All dinners will be held on the first Saturday of the month, except for on rare occasions.
  2. We’ll have a kick-off meeting in September and one in January. 
  3. Groups of 4 couples each will stay together for the Fall and then new groups will be formed to stay together for the Spring.
  4. There will be four dinners in both the Fall and Spring sessions.
  5. Couples who cannot host or cannot attend each month but still want to participate in some way will be put on a substitute list. That list will be used to fill in for couples who cannot attend one month due to an illness or unexpected conflict that might come up. There may even be some hosts who are willing to host 5 couples instead of 4, and we could add an additional couple that month for that particular group.   
  6. Details will be discussed at the September/January kick-off gatherings, but above are the dates that have been set.  We suggest that you look them over, and if you can commit to attending and hosting, then put the dates on your calendar now. That way you can avoid scheduling conflicts. 
  7. The months of June, July and August will possibly provide impromptu casual evenings out via E-vite from Sharon and John. Watch for these totally optional summer social evenings.
  8. As new couples sign up throughout the year, they will initially be placed on a sub list until another dinner group is formed.
  9. Note: ‘Coupled singles’ are also eligible for Dinner Group, i.e. singles, widowed, never married, or married with a non-participating spouse.

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