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Bible Studies

Tuesday Morning Bible Study                                                    

The Books of Ruth and Hebrews

DATE:  Sept 9, 2014-April 14, 2015
TIME:  9:15-11:15 am
PLACE:  Sacred Heart Church, Richmond
FACILITATORS:  Regina Johnson, Kay Quenan, Joe Kanusky

The book of Ruth, while only 4 chapters in length, is one of the most moving accounts in the Bible.  A story of love and loyalty, you will be amazed by the many layers and depths of meaning packed into this little love story!
September 9, 2014                    Welcome and Introduction to The Book of Ruth
September 16, 2014                  Lesson 1: An Israelite Family Migrates from Bethlehem to Moab
September 23, 2014                  Lesson 2: Two Widows Return to Israel
September 30, 2014                  Lesson 3: Meeting between Boaz and Ruth
October 7, 2014                         Lesson 4: Redemption and Marriage of Ruth

Hebrews is written to Jewish converts, who, because of persecutions, as well as fear and doubts about their Christian faith, are tempted to revert back to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship.  This epistle aims to keep these Jewish Christians in the fold by stressing the failure of the Old Covenant; that the rituals of sacrificing animals has been replaced by the superiority of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ who is the true sacrificial lamb who shed His blood for us.  The New Covenant does what the Old Covenant could not do: free us from sin.
October 14, 2014                       Lesson 1: Overture (Heb 1:1-4)
October 22, 2014                       Lesson 2: Superiority of  the New Creation to the Old Creation (Heb 1:5-14)
October 28, 2014                       Lesson 3: Pay Attention (Heb 2:1-4)
November 4, 2014                     Lesson 4: Christ, the Elder Brother, Father and High Priest (Heb 2:5-18)
November 11, 2014                   Lesson 5: Jesus, the High Priest Worthy of Faith (Heb 3:1-19)
November 18, 2014                   Lesson 6: Finding True Rest in the Priesthood of Christ (Heb 4:1-14-5:10
January 13, 2015                       Lesson 7: An Exhortation to Fidelity (Heb 5:11-6:12)
January 20, 2015                       Lesson 8: A Sure and Steadfast Anchor of the Soul (Heb 6:13-20)
January 27, 2015                       Lesson 9: Melchizedek, Levi and Christ (Heb 7:1-28)
February 3, 2015                       Lesson 10: A Better Covenant Founded on the Old Covenant Promise
                                                   (Heb 8:1-13)
February 10, 2015                     Lesson 11: The New Covenant Prefigures the Inner Sanctuary (Heb 9:1-10)
February 17, 2015                     Lesson 12: One Eternal Sacrifice for All (Heb 9:11-28)
February 24, 2015                     Lesson 13: The Will of God and the Confession of Our Hope (Heb 10:1-39)
March 3, 2015                           Lesson 14: The Example of the Saints (Heb 11:1-40)
March 10, 2015                         Spring Break
March 17, 2015                         Lesson 15: The Celestial Liturgy of the Children of God (Heb 12:1-29)
March 24, 2015                         Lesson 16: Final Instructions to the Faithful (Heb 13:1-25)
March 31, 2015                         Holy Week   
April 7, 2015                             Last Class                                                        .

Contact Regina Johnson at 281-403-1792 to order a workbook.
To register, contact Joe Kanusky at 281-265-4084

Thursday Afternoon Or Evening Scripture Studies                                                                                                           

DATE: Sept 18, 2014-May 28, 2015
Afternoon Sessions
TIME:  1:00-2:30 P.M.
PLACE: Corpus Christi Room
Afternoon and evening options

Thursday Evening Sessions
TIME:  7:15-8:30 P.M.
PLACE:  Corpus Christi Room
FACILITATOR (for both sessions): Julie Evett

First Corinthians Catholic Bible Study
By George Montague
First Corinthians is the one that enables us to see the reality of a first-century Christian community.  This study shows the continuity between the Church of God at Corinth and the Catholic Church of the 21st century.  It’s as insightful about the one as it is the other.

For more information contact Julie at jevett@comcast.net

Men's Bible Study

DATE:  Mondays, Sept 8, 2014-June 29, 2015
TIME:  7:30-9:00 P.M.
PLACE:  Corpus Christi Room
DATE:  Tuesdays,  July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015  
TIME:   6:00-7:30 A.M.
PLACE:  Corpus Christi Room
FACILITATOR: Steve Ewbank, parishioner

Join men in reading Isaiah by Lesile J, Hoppe, OFM. The book of Isaiah is an expression of faith in the Holy One of Israel and in the future of Jerusalem, both of which have decisively shaped the faith of Jewish and Christian believers over the centuries.

A Testimony…
I have been a part of the Men’s Tuesday Morning Bible Study group for the last 10 years where we gather weekly to study and discuss the coming Sunday’s Mass scriptures.  It’s great to show up at Sunday Mass already familiar with the readings.  In addition, this group of men has become the best of friends as we also make time to listen when one of us needs to share, in confidence, either difficulties or joys going on in his life.  Next to the sacraments, I can honestly say that joining up with this group of men has been one of the best things for my spiritual health that I’ve done.  We also have a lot of fun as well.  Please join us; we’d love to share what we’ve found.  - John Millette

“Sunday’s Readings”
In this Bible study on Tuesday mornings, we examine the readings for next Sunday’s Mass. This permits a better understanding of Scripture.  Various commentaries can provide an in-depth meaning of Sunday’s readings. Men are able to engage in stimulating discussion in understanding God's plan for them.

For more information call Steve Ewbank at 281.980.5575.

Catholic Men Called to be Saints

(Formerly That Man Is You)
DATE: Thursdays, Sept 4, 2014-June 25, 2015
TIME: 5:45 A.M.-7:30 A.M.
PLACE: Corpus Christi Room
00-7:30 am, Corpus Christi Room
In this DVD series, Dr. Pitre takes you through study of the origins of the Old and New Testaments.  The history of how the canon, the official list of books in the Bible, came to be, and the central role the Catholic Church played in the formation of the canon.  Explore the reliability and authorship of the Gospels, and whether or not we can have confidence that the canon of Scripture is reliable. This is a group of men, of all ages, that come together to foster an environment where men can speak to each other about spiritual and practical ideas, allowing men to open up about concerns and struggles in a secure and confidential way.

A Testimony…
We started our men’s group, That Man Is You, in 2003. After 10 years, we decided to change our name to Catholic Men Called to Be Saints. We decided on this name because Paul told all Christians to strive to be saints and we thought that met our goal of being the best husbands, fathers and men in our families, and to strive daily in pleasing God and do what it takes to be a saint. Our group has been an inspiration to me and has helped me realize that even someone like me has a chance to be a Saint, something I never thought possible. It has given me hope and allowed me to grow in my faith journey. –Mark Hudec

For more information contact Jim Kij at jimkij@comcast.net.

Thursday Spanish Bible Study

Introduction to the Bible
Little Rock Bible Study
DATE:  Thursdays, Sept 4, 2014- April 23, 2015
TIME:  9:30 am-12:00 pm
PLACE:  Sacred Heart Church, Richmond
FACILITATOR: Veronica Reinoso
Participants will become comfortable finding their way around the Bible, develop a better understanding of its themes and writing styles, and gain clear insights about Catholic use and interpretation of the Bible.  For more information: Veronica Reinoso, 281-980-1194, veronicareinoso62@gmail.com.


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