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Middle School Students

This year, the middle school will use the series Faith First, Legacy Edition for the 6th graders and four different semester titles for the 7th and 8th graders (See below).  This is based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and includes all materials as listed in the Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. All of our lessons can be structured along Themes so that the parent can teach multiple ages the same topics, which is covered on the page “Family Teaching Guide”.
Grade 6 books:
Both Semesters         Faith First, Legacy Edition

Grade 7 books:
Fall Semesters            “Church and Sacraments”
Spring Semesters       “Mystery of God”

Grade 8 books:
Fall Semesters            “Jesus and the New Testament”
Spring Semesters        “Morality – Life in Christ”
Parents have access to a variety of resources provided by RCL, including access to the Faith First website: www.FaithFirst.comThis website provides an amazing amount of content and links to help develop lessons and faith formation.  Families may access this website to further explore or enhance their weekly lessons.  This is a useful website with tests to take, games to play, and additional resources to help teach the lessons effectively.
Please refer below to “Receiving Credit for Home Study” to learn how your student can take the online Chapter Reviews and send in 10 of them to Michael Gormley in order to receive credit for the year. Without these 10 reviews, no credit can be given for the year.
Your Home Study student is always invited to the EDGE Socials that we hold in the St. Laurence Catholic School Gym. If you find a Catechetical EDGE Night that appeals to you, please let me know if your child will attend. If your child loves it and you find that it complements your Home Study goals, please register your child for the EDGE for the year.
If you have any questions about the book, contents, schedule/dates, etc., please call the R.E. office. God bless you in your mission to communicate the Faith to your children!

Receiving Credit for Home Study

It is our expectation that in choosing the Home Study option for religious education that you are committed to teaching your child the Faith and to reviewing the lessons. To ensure that your child will be given the credit for his/her Home Study, we are asking you send throughout this school year 10 Chapter Reviews.
Signing up, teaching the classes, taking the tests, and getting the results to Michael Gormley in the RE Center are all required for credit. Here are the steps of how to take the Chapter Reviews and to send in your child’s completed work.
1. Go to on the book’s Student website:  http://faithfirst.com/students.html
2. Select the appropriate category for your child on the main page:
        For 6th Grade, your child will click the Kid’s Only Club
        For 7th and 8th Grades, your child will click Teen Center
3. Under the appropriate category, select Chapter Review.

4. Then choose Multiple Choice for the test.
        If your student is in 6th grade, click Grade 6
        If your student is in 7th or 8th grade, click the Semester title (Ex: Mystery of God, Morality)
5. Then select the chapter your child would like to answer questions about.
6. Get the results to Michael Gormley in the RE Center
       You can select to Print and Fax or Mail in the results or
       You can Copy & Paste them into an email.
7. Have your child type in his/her name so that they can receive the credit they deserve.
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