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Facilities Use Guidelines

St. Laurence Catholic Church is a busy, vibrant faith community.  In order for us to be good stewards of our shared space, the following policies were created.

These policies apply to all St. Laurence parish ministries, groups, programs, and community organizations using St. Laurence church and school facilities. 

Use of parish facilities by individuals or families is limited to celebrations in conjunction with a sacrament (including wedding receptions, wedding anniversaries, baptisms, First Communions) and is governed by separate policies.

St. Laurence facilities are not available for private events that are not related to a sacramental celebration (including but not limited to birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding rehearsal dinners, etc).

Print out the Facilities Use Request Form on the left, fill it out and drop it off at
the parish office or email it to Lise Letendre at: lletendre@stlaurence.org
  1. Facilities Use Request Forms
  All groups/individuals are required to complete a Facilities Use Request Form

Rooms are assigned on a "first come, first serve" basis with the exception of liturgical events.  The Pastor and Bishop have priority over all scheduled events.
Facilities Use Request Forms must have the current date and the event dates. Reocurring weekly/ monthly events must have a beginning and ending date.

Only forms filled out completely will be processed. Any additions or changes must be submitted to the church office 24 hours in advance of events scheduled Monday through Friday and by noon on the Friday preceding an event scheduled for the weekend.
2. Set Ups:
  Each room has a "standard setup." In some cases the standard setup may be a clear floor. All ministries and groups are strongly encouraged to organize their own setup. Groups are welcome to change the setup if the standard setup does not suit their needs, however the room must be returned to the standard setup when the event is concluded. Groups of 20 or less are required to perform their own setup.
3. Clean up:
  At the end of each event the facility must be returned to the "standard setup" unless alternate arrangements have be made with the next user or the maintenance staff.  All users are expected to leave the facilities at least as clean as they found them.
4. Refreshments:
  Coffee/water set ups will be provided, upon request, for groups of 20 or more.
5. Community Usage:

Facilities may be reserved no more than 30 days in advance of the function. Private
events cannot be scheduled (such as birthday parties, bridal showers etc.).

All functions require a St. Laurence employee who is responsible for the facility before, during and after the event. If an employee is not available, the cost to have one present is $25.00 an hour. There is also an additional change of $45.00 for mopping the floor, cleaning rest rooms and taking the trash to the dumpster etc.
6. Alcohol:

As a general rule alcohol is not permitted at events. Events, such as weddings,
anniversaries etc. that do choose to serve alcohol are required to come to the parish office and fill out additional paper work and make necessary arrangements to have a police officer present. The cost of having the officer present will be paid by the person/s reserving the facility. At no time may alcoholic beverages be consumed in parish facilities when children are present or on parish grounds outside of approved functions.
7. Insurance Required:
  Groups other than Religious Education, Weekday Children's Program, Pastoral Events and Parish Ministries are required to be covered by insurance. The cost for this coverage by Catholic Mutual is $25.00 per event. Required form must be obtained from the parish office. These forms must be completed and the $25.00 must be paid for the facility to be reserved.