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Sponsor Couples

The Mission of the Sponsor Couple Program

To help engaged couples fulfill the Catholic Church's pre-nuptial requirements.
To prepare engaged couples for the joys, challenges and commitment of Catholic
To offer support as couples prepare for marriage and as they begin their married life

We're doing the work of Christ as sponsor couples, by sharing our gift of love and marriage with others. As sponsor couples, we also celebrate our married love by reaching out to engaged couples through listening, sharing and being available.

Scheduled Activities

For more information, contact Sharon Harry.

St. Laurence is always looking for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking couples who are married in the Catholic Church and who want to share their strong faith and love with engaged couples.

The program consists of six two-hour meetings on topics such as communication, finances, family history, marriage expectations, etc. Sponsor couples set up meetings in their own home at a time convenient for both couples. Both couples read materials and answer questions before each meeting. The sponsor couple is encouraged to set additional meetings such as an introduction meeting before beginning the program and a follow-up meeting a few months after the wedding.

It's hard to say who benefits most from this program - the married couple or the engaged couple!

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